Election Priorities

MEDIA RELEASE – Tuesday 20 February 2024
Chamber Supports Council Wish List, adds Ocean Pool and Calls on Major Parties to Outline their Plans.
Devonport Chamber of Commerce and Industry President, Claire Smith, says her members are personally invested in Devonport and she called on the major parties to outline their commitment to the city well ahead of the March 23 election.
“We’re very fortunate to have great relationships across the political spectrum, but election time is where the rubber hits the road. For governments, election time is one of a few opportunities outside of annual budget announcements to show that they really understand. For those in opposition, it’s arguably an even more important opportunity.” said Ms Smith.
“Council and the Chamber have both invested a lot of time advocating for Devonport’s interests, and this close to the election our members should know exactly where the major parties sit on these issues” she said. “Good policy isn’t made on the fly”.
The Chamber urges all contenders to support the following priorities, which were recently named up by the City of Devonport:

  • $25m for the city’s multi-sport infrastructure investment plan, including a new indoor sports centre at the Devonport Oval and an upgrade to the Valley Road soccer facilities.
  • $3m for development of a Black Box performing arts theatre within the Market Square precinct.
  • Further investment in:
    o Don River Railway
    o Home Hill
    o A new community marina and fishing wharf
    o Public transport improvements between the Devonport Airport and Devonport CBD
    Investment in East Devonport, as one of the City’s major gateways and important to the logistics precinct is also high on our list to ensure people turn right. Furthermore, while not known to be on Council’s “wish list”, the Chamber is also seeking a staged commitment of $4m to assess and if deemed viable, construct an ocean pool at Bluff Beach.
    “An ocean pool at Bluff Beach would be a drawcard for tourists and a safe and comfortable alternative for those who love the beach and who want to swim, but for whom the open ocean isn’t suitable.” said Ms Smith, adding that there are around 90 throughout Australia, yet none in Tasmania. The idea aligns well with the unique beach side sauna recently endorsed by Council and builds on the livability and wellbeing aspects our City has to offer. “It could also create really exciting opportunities for poolside hospitality and events – the opportunities are endless”.
    An April 2023 Council Report estimated construction cost at $3m – $3.5m and said $350k-$400k was required to fully develop the concept and determine whether it was feasible.
    “We’re seeking a commitment of $4m, so the concept can be developed and tested, and if found viable – and only then – it can be built. This is a responsible and reasonable approach to progressing an idea that has captured the hearts and minds of many people in our community” said Ms Smith.
    For more information contact: President, Claire Smith M: 0439 982 880 E: president@dcci.org.au

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