Our Misson

Our mission is to be an energising and vitalising force in the community. We seek to unite all the industrial, commercial and government interests for the purpose of supporting those activities which are broader than any single business or industry but which promotes the well being of the Devonport community as a whole.

Objectives & Purpose

To promote commercial, trading, shipping and manufacturing interest in Tasmania and elsewhere and to take all the necessary measures to advance the same.

To collect and disseminate information on all matter or interest to the commercial community.

To use every means within its power for the removal and redress of grievances and for promotion of trade of the State.

To amalgamate or cooperate with in any institutions, societies or associations having objectives wholly or in part similar to those of the Chamber.

To establish and maintain a code of practice whereby the transactions of business may be simplified and facilitated.

To undertake by arbitration or otherwise the settlement of disputes arising out of commerce and to record such discussions for the future help and guidance of members.

To watch over and protect the general interests of commerce.

How the Chamber Works

From our annual meeting each year, the members elect industry representatitves whose responsibilities include bringing forward issues from their specialist sectors for executive discussion and action.

  • The Chamber Executive Committee conducts monthly meetings where representatives from member organisations come together to freely express ideas and discuss issues pertinent to their groups. These meetings serve as a platform for open dialogue and collaboration.

  • Reporting of market conditions within each industry sector at monthly meetings also provides the Chamber with current information on market trends and the health of the local economy. This also gives an indication of the local market as compared with the overall State economy.

  • As a non-party political group, the Chamber can take up any matters with the applicable level of government on behalf of the body or individual that is seeking an effective outcome.

  • In summary, the Chamber views itself as a working partnership of business, professional and community interests, intent on progressing commerce and industry in Devonport and its surrounding districts.

Annual Reports